March 12, 2014

I'm certain not many people would be reading anything here on this blog. 
So, i think i'll start writing more since it won't matter if a few passers by think it's really bad! Truthfully i prefer few words and don't enjoy reading endless dribble on the internet. I am self conscious about whether i make any sense because someone recently told me i have the writing skills of a early high school student. I'm 30. Naturally i decided to save anyone glancing over this blog from feeling embarrassed for me and my boring way with words. Please, no comfort needed.
But maybe i can shake that off...i'll ease into it.
Family day trip. Determined to take some great photos to remember the day, i finally felt inspired 5 minutes away from home. 

November 7, 2013

Gold Coast

The buildings block the sun.

October 25, 2013

outside in

Yep. Another portrait of Scarlett. 

August 22, 2013

Olive Cotton Award

i have the massive privilege of being a part of the Olive Cotton Exhibition at Tweed River Art Gallery with this image as one of 91 portraits, showing now until the 29th September. Check it out if you can.


August 18, 2013


i have recently fallen back in love with film...i can't believe i walked away for so long.

 i had the privilege of studying photography before the darkroom was obsolete, i learned to develop and print everything myself. i did assignments with medium format and made pinhole cameras, yet i got a digital camera and slowly forgot about anything else.

i decided to buy a film camera this year, just to make art projects for myself and revive a bit of joy and creative process back into photography. i was overwhelmed with how much i had forgotten about shooting a roll of film, exposure, the slowness of focusing, my index finger immediately calmed down, not so keen to capture every fraction of a second of action. i now had to pay for every crap shot.

The results of my first test film are nothing to blog about really, but i am in love with the texture and colour of these images even if they are bad scans developed in a cheap photolab. i have only added a bit of contrast.

This is Asher's birthday at our favourite restaurant Bellavedere. It's an organic winery/restaurant/cooking school in the Yarra Valley. We would like to exist there full time. Their degustation menu on a saturday night is an incredible experience. Do it if you live in the world.

From memory this is kodak 400 from coles :) On Contax RX

August 1, 2013

Phil + Linda

Engaged...getting married ASAP.

July 18, 2013

Nirav Patel

Wowsa, i don't post much of anything these days!
I rarely get the time to do as i please with a camera, so for now this blog may be sparse.
Sharing a link with you today for a photographer who i greatly admire Nirav Patel.
He recently set up an online shop selling a few of his prints and 100% of the proceeds will go to a young family in need.
Jessica, a wife and mother, has been diagnosed with breast cancer and the road of treatment ahead is long and very expensive. 

I was really moved by the story and the photos and wanted to help cast a wider net for this family.

Here is where you can read his post and here is where you can buy his prints.

I bought these two.

Glencoe, Scotland-Nirav Patel

My own way-Nirav Patel